Monday, May 9, 2011

Here’s what you need:
Vegetable oil for the pan
¾ C buckwheat flour
¾ C all-purpose flour
3 T sugar
½ t salt
1 t baking soda
3 T melted butter
1 egg
2 C butter milk (as you can see, I use powdered buttermilk. The result is great and the convenience is unbeatable – no need to run-to-the-grocery-store-for-one-item. The only change in method is that you add the dry buttermilk to the dry ingredients and 2 C water to the wet ingredients.)

Here’s what you do:
Whisk the dry ingredients together and set aside. You can see the powdered buttermilk in the photo. Whish the wet ingredients together and pour slowly to dry mixture. Do not overmix!

Fry gently in a small amount of vegetable oil. Today we had our pancakes with bananas and syrup. Really great way to start the day!